More free options ideas for #TheStrat short-term swings into end of year

Some additrional ideas for possible swings into the end of the year (eyeing on at least 12/17 or 12/31), but be careful there might be some profit taking tomorrow.

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Some extra options ideas for a possible outside month #TheStrat

Short update with some extra swing ideas, that I placed on my watchlist today and you should too!

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Free #SundaySwing ideas week of 12/6 into January based on #TheStrat

Oh what a week we had on the stock market. Huge volatility, perfect for trading both sides. However, such a volatility and that drop on Friday also means that long-term investments took a hit here. See below what my thoughts are for the next couple days.

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Hello Sun! πŸ‘‹ β˜€οΈ Yes, it’s winter in Bavaria ⛄️

Free #SundaySwing ideas week of 11/28 into January based on #TheStrat

Another #SundaySwing on 11/28 post, after the short week with the heavy dip on BlackFriday, lets see which opportunities I found for a possible swing.

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Here are my crazy #BlackFriday #options lottos ideas 🎟️

  • $SNAP 2-1-1-2u ? > 50.27 -> 51c
  • $MU 2-1-2u ? > 87.15 -> 88c
  • $AMZN 2-1-2u ? > 3594.35 -> 3650c 🀯

πŸ”₯ High risk, can lose it all!! πŸ”₯

On watch for Friday Lottos 🎟️

  • Double Inside Day: $SNAP
  • Inside Day ATR3: $MSFT $QCOM $NFLX $ZM $AMAT $BLNK
  • Outside Day FTFC up: $HD

Possible 2-1-2, 3-2 setups #TheStrat Show some ❀️ for a bonus list (Hint 50% Weeklies & Monthlies)

Here are my free #options #TheStrat ideas for 11/24:

  • $MCHP 3-2-2? > 83.78 possible swing
  • $PYPL 2-1-2? > 190.79
  • $SQ 2-2u? > 211.38
  • $SNAP 2-1-2? > 51.03 possible swing

Take profits at 25-40%

As always, no advice

Another Swing idea outside of my #SundaySwing #TheStrat rhythm

  • $DOW 1/22 65c 2-1-2u M > 61.17 swing!

Currently double inside month and FTFC is up, a break above 61.17 triggers a 2-1-2 Bullish Reversal Month with targets at 63.36 and 65.86.

$DOW M, W, D, 4h chart on TrendSpider

The 1/22 expiration to buy some time and the 65c is pretty cheap (around $1 if it triggers in November at that price).

My #TheStrat ideas 11/23 4-Hour-Special

My ideas and a possible swing, lets see!

  • $TTD Calls 2-1-2u > 103.79
  • $XEL Calls 2u-1-2u > 67.03 swing!
  • $AEP Calls 3-1-2u > 84.49
  • $PYPL Puts 2d-1-2d < 187.53

See below for details…

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