Recap of my trading day FOMC 9/22 with #TheStrat πŸš€

What a lovely volatile day, scalping trading QQQ and AAPL many times today and most of the trades were profitable, the ones I lost had tight stops, so risk management was key today, as every day.

$FB 350p πŸ›‘ - since it was a huge gap and FB even opened below my 1st profit target, it was no trade for me. BUt even if you traded it, you could win big here. Without a price, because highly unrealistic that someone traded it.
$NVAX 240c πŸ›‘ - triggered early but then never got into profit zone.

On to the big hitters πŸ€‘

NFLX 600c πŸš€ - early trigger, rejected first run and then run above 1st profit target. 1.50 -> 4.40 = near 200% πŸ’°οΈ
PTON 98p πŸš€ - gapped down pre-market, risky entry at around 10AM, 2.70 -> 5.20 = 90% πŸ’°οΈ
AAPL 145c πŸš€ - also triggered 10minutes after open with a small delay, entry at around 0.95 -> 1.90 = 100% πŸ’°οΈ
BYND 115c πŸš€ - triggered, hit stops, gave re-entry (I love volatile days! 😜) 1.16 -> 2.00 = 70% πŸ’°οΈ
MSFT 300c πŸš€ - triggered, and never was stopped out, but took profits at around 40%. Runners hit targets 1.22 -> 2.00 = 65% πŸ’°οΈ

7 alerts triggered out of 10, but the 3 that got no trigger were plays in the opposite direction.
And 5/7 hit profits big, I would call it a day! πŸ‘Š

Stratinator @renem