Recap of my trading day 9/28 with #TheStrat

Market opened red and some of my setup were already invalidated. Let’s have a look:

$BA 220p πŸš€ - triggered after open with a delay but had plenty of time to get into it. 1.60 -> 5.00 = 210%
$SNAP 78p πŸš€ - also right at open because it gapped down, entry a bit later ran straight up 2.00 -> 4.30 = 115%
$PLTR 27p πŸš€ - bearish prediction and bearish market, wonderful combo! 1.00 -> up to 1.80 = 80%
$PTON 85p πŸš€ - triggered not at open, 10 minutes after open, so plenty of time for a good entry. .69 -> 1.34 (prob higher) = 95%

Scalped AMD a bit on the 5m and 15m as well, based on a 3-2-2 15m strat.

$AMD 106c πŸš€ - .74 -> .87 = 11% for a quick 10 minute trade.

Setting up some trades in both direction is time intense but also gives good trades, because I never expected to drop PTON down below 90 again, but thanks for the bearish setup as well, there were some profits today.

Stratinator @renem