Recap of my trading day 10/7 with #TheStrat

First day of the week I was back on my desk to trade, the timeout was really helpful to start fresh and it was a great start!

Had only 4, really there were 5 trades set up and played with conditional orders based on the underlying in TWS (IBKR) a bit, which was good and bad at the same time. $DIS was atrocious, seriously, everything else worked fine. I’ll show you:

$BA 230c πŸš€ - early trigger, MKT order in right at open, because of conditional order .94 -> 1.32 = 40%
BYND 105c πŸš€ - Play of the day! for me. triggered a bit later, so was time to get in after alert. .43 -> 1.17 (avg with runner)= 180%
QCOM 130c πŸš€ - triggered right at open, so MKT order executed a few seconds after open. .94 -> 1.32 = 40%
$TWTR 65c πŸš€ - only swing trade planned, but after 40% I suggest to take it and see what tomorrow will bring. .65 -> .92 = 40%

Now to $DIS 180c: Had also set up a conditonal order right at open, but somehow a nice trader had the luck to place a sell order way above the option price. Price of the 180c was around .40-.50 at open. My MKT order was filled for 1.51! πŸš‘οΈ, so that trade never had a chance to go green. Will write something later on my blog when I have digested that fail.

Besides that, I got into $IWM 223c right at open because of a nice 2-2 Bullish reversal Daily .85 -> 1.99 = 135% πŸš€

Overall not a bad day and every trade worked - including $DIS if I had a fair fill.
Preparing lotto Friday alerts now…

Stratinator @renem