@help to clarify, it looks like the replies are not style based on the theme of the micro.blog?

@help Wenn viewing posts on my microblog.renem.net page the style of links (orange from the theme) is correct. But when I click on the date to view a single post with replies all links appear without a style in blue, is this an issue on my setup?

@V_ danke! Leider kann ich hier keinen Duft senden, es riecht nämlich auch fantastisch! Muss aber noch auskühlen. 😋

@odd thanks, we’ll see how this thing works. Here in Germany we will have at least 4-6 weeks winter with fewer sun. So I hope that I see some effects that everyone is talking about.

@jean @yorrike Im currently in S2E12 and hope it gets better with season 3 because currently there are so many thing going on and not everything is covered. Seems like they forgot half of the story and found it in the books some episode later again.

@martinfeld ja, die deutschen Übersetzungen sind oft nicht gut gewählt wie du hier siehst 😉

@derandre Super die Stimmung eingefangen mit den Farben! Top!

@flowinho @hutaffe Das kann ich so bestätigen! 😀 ist manchmal erschreckend wie gut der Spiegel ist.

@canion switched back to the official Apple Podcasts app after two years of Overcast and Castro. And I think I listen to a lot of Podcasts. I don’t use the Discover section. The Library is ok with around 10-15 podcasts. For me the main reason to switch back was the ⌚️ support in iOS13 which worked better than the rest.

@AlanGMarz only tap the purple „Details“ text below the summary will you show the notes without playing. Not great UX but I got used to it.

@ohBananaJoe Toll die Abendstimmung eingefangen!

@ohBananaJoe Toll! Ich mag s/w Aufnahmen einfach 😀

@ohBananaJoe macht Spaß, nur im Moment ist es vermutlich schwierig die Platzreife zu erlangen. Aber solltest du unbedingt machen wenn möglich! Kann aber auch frustrierend sein 😉

Dafür riecht die ganze Küche nun nach scharfer Sauce! 🧖

@flowinho danke für den Tipp! Kannte ich noch nicht.

@flowinho iOS14 unterstützt das, bei Kopfbedeckung gibt es auch Masken

@help will do! It’s highly customized and lots of custom front matter. But maybe you’ll find a way.

@help when I try to import some Hugo markdown files as ZIP as noted in the help, nothing happens. No posts appear and no error message. Any chance to debug this?

@jeremycherfas seems like a real powerful starter! But 5kg? How many breads you will bake on one day with this?

@Burk however, flying drones in a tiny house is absolutely fascinating to me as a gadget lover, on the other side that’s so scary and a NO to me.

@Burk what Panic does with Nova isn’t that new, it’s what companies already did in the last 20 years. You buy Version 1.0 and get updates for free with 1.1, 1.6, and so on. And if version 2.0 is released, you pay an upgrade (of full price). The only difference here is that Panic limits or to one year, we're other devs release a new major version once in a year.

@help thanks for looking into it. Worked a few seconds ago. Maybe it would help if a „searching indicator“ is displayed when I hit Search in the iOS app to show some activity?

@help Searching for a Fediversa account on fosstodon.org isn’t working. Is this a limitation of fosstodon? I can search for accounts on mastodon.social and get results. Not on Fosstodon…

@manton here comes the strange part (even if I know why it's that way, but totally strange) I shared a multi-section photo post with Sunlit and added a title. The post never appears in Sunlit, because of the ”no-photo” in short text thing. I think this is weird behavior 😉

@manton iOS official app. If I tap on a cell the text appears because the background changes to a light grey.