@manton are you aware of a ”text-disappearing” display issue? It is reproducible with pull down to refresh and the text disappears. Not seen this on the light theme, only on the dark one. Photos are still visible. The text could also black on a black background.

@Aakerbeere@mastodon.social ist eine Challenge hier auf Micro.blog, ich lasse die Posts nur automatisch synchronisieren zu Mastodon/Twitter & Co. Hier gibts die Infos dazu: micro.welltempered.net/2020/07/2...

@help understood! This also means that I've to answer from my other Mastodon account admit from the Microblog-Activitypub one, because I can't sent/login with this account on an instance directly?

@help @manton I received an email sent said „you received a direct message from…“ how to view it, or how can I interact with it? From iOS?

@antonzuiker gorgeous flower! Never seen ginger blooming.

@jeremycherfas Beautiful colors!

@manton thanks for the update, had some issues that are now fixed. But I’m still unsure when to post a photo with Sunlit and when not. Since the official app and also Gluon share pics too. So any hints or things I oversee would be great!

@martinfeld die werden bei uns direkt, roh, gegessen 😋

@Burk wait for the sunrise!

@canion read it yesterday after I saw the link in his RSS feed. Congrats and a great article. I still won’t let some external services have access to my IMAP but it’s maybe the only solution for now.

@jeremycherfas this looks fantastic! Great inspiration! I’ll back this weekend again and hope the result will be as great as the last one. 3 people ate the last one in 1,5 days 😲

@hutaffe Tolles Foto! Um diese Jahreszeit schon so eine "Ernte", fleißig, fleißig.

@RossA @hutaffe one more voice for SongShift! Used it zinnoberrot my Spotify playlists to Apple Music and still have it monitoring some curated Spotify playlists that are automatically updated on the Apple Music account. Great little tool!

@kulturnation wenn ich das Bild sehe, ja. Hehe 😏

@jeremycherfas @artkavanagh basically you both try to tell me that you never ever experiment with recipes and variations for a specific tool, never? How can you know that your current used Aeropresd recipe is the „best one“? I hold more like Steve Jobs:

stay hungry, stay foolish

@HB75 war ein Artikel auf MacStories der darüber berichtet hatte letzte Woche. Großartige App!

@JPEG@mastodon.technology congratulations! Well deserved.

@manton the question regarding your latest micro.blog post about Sunlit should really lead to „a better marketing“ for the app. I, as a long term user also still don’t understand/can describe for whom Sunlit should be for, when the main app can handle photo-posts sometimes even better. I also was not aware of, that with the current app it is possible to add photos again to an already existing post, like it was there in the early days of 2.0 and ADN. Or is your Toronto post one long written post without a submission and edit after a few days with new photos?

@hutaffe genau das gleiche hier. Vielleicht funktioniert die „normale“ neue Musil für den Mainstream, aber definitiv nicht wenn man abseits dessen hört.

@Gabz thanks! I had some luck with the weather during this pause.

@cleverdevil hey! Congratulations 🎊 and you remember, 40 is the new 30!

@HB75 das ist jetzt ziemlich gemein!! 😉Meine Musik, auch noch ein guter Mix! Schwelge in den schönsten Erinnerungen meiner Jugend gerade und kann nicht aufhören zu zappeln 🎧 danke dafür!👌

@brentsimmons thanks for the roadmap! I’m eagerly waiting for the iOS version 😀 Mac app is already in a prett good state, using it daily since beta release!

@eay und eigentlich bin ich mit TODOIST und meinem GTD Workflow der perfekt darauf abgestimmt ist sehr zufrieden. Trotzdem ärgere ich mich jedes Jahr wieder 35-40€ einzuwerfen.

@eay genau deshalb möchte ich Things nicht ansehen 😉 die iOS Versionen würde ich ohne zu zögern kaufen, aber ohne Mac App nützt mir das nichts und die finde ich für mich persönlich(!) zu teuer.